Under the tent of the milky way

Aaja Aaja jind shamiyane ke tale. Have you ever slept under the tent of the starry sky, looking right in the eye of the milky way! I did !

Last week we were traveling in the Moab Valley in Utah. An unplanned trip but the one from our bucket list. For years we had seen the pictures of the Arches in the valley and had wanted to visit this geological phenomenon.

Nature the master sculptor is very patient and very persistent. It can drill into the hardened rocks with just a drop of water, it can paint strokes on the sandstones with just a whisper of the dancing wind and it can turn rivers into these snake saws that cut through the chest of the earth’s crust and plunge into the Canyons. A small drizzle of rain turns slat lakes into mirrors. Nature runs a show here. You are in Utah!


While we had seen the Canyons from Grand Canyon to the Monument valley to the Antelopes to the Bryce in an earlier trip we had not seen the arches. Hence the trip! We responded to the call of the saffron-colored rusted dunes under the watchful eyes of the snow-capped rocky mountains. The arches were, picture-perfect, small little treks and trails made the trip special.

It was the night trip with the local astronomers into the dark deserted Canyon lands that made this trip special. Sitting in the open on the top of a mountain with warm tea and Zero light pollution was very serene. Under the tent of the open sky, crescent moon at a short cosmic distance with the Venus at the horizon. Words fail to describe events like these! We looked at the sky, distant galaxies and exploding stars through the telescope. With no internet, no light pollution, and smart phones tucked away..

Life was beautiful