Kadalelle -The scene before the song

Kadallele- The song of the blossoming of the first Love! Kya Yahi Pyaar Hai?

There is something mystically earthy about the freshly blossomed love; love in its purest, silliest, most naive form. Unsullied by the intellectual corruption of the rational mind,  dazed by its unannounced arrival, when love shows up for the first time, in its nascent form. Haan! That moment.

That precise moment when you realize that you are in love and it is being reciprocated. Uff! So basic, so banal, so cliched’. Yet so endearing!  Confused between self-realization, declaration, and reciprocation. Blurred and disoriented by its sudden appearance. First Love often catches you off-guard.  You need a song for such moments.

Like the song that you may hum while catching a dewdrop on a parched leaf.

Kadalalle is that song!

Pictured on the smoldering hot Vijay Deverakonda and extremely talented Rashmika Mandanna is composed by Justin Prabhakaran. This soft romantic melody crooned by Sid Sriram, captures the tender feeling of “falling in love”. It is a verb song. Yaani gaane mei bahaav hai.  Yet it is done with the subtle precision of a snowflake landing gently on your palm. You can feel it but you cannot own it! Abb main aur kya bolu tum khud hee samajh jao!

Before we get drenched into the beauty of its melody, the brilliance of its visuals, and its lip-smacking lyrics by Rehman. Let me outline the narrative as we enter the song without divulging the plot of the movie.

Tou Suno

Bobby is a college student in Kakinada Andra Pradesh, Lilly is a state-level cricket player visiting his town for the wedding ceremony of her sister. In a series of events Bobby realizes that he is in love and confesses his love for Lilly which she promptly rejects as infatuation and temporary.  Although I wonder why would one not take VKD seriously but.. Well it’s a movie! Focus Sunayana

Bobby isn’t able to handle this rejection. He feels that Lilly loves him but something is holding her back. What is it? Dayaa Pataa Karo Aakhir Baat Kya Hai!

Conflicted between his intuition and Lilly’s rejection, Bobby decides to meet Lilly to understand the reason for her Inkaar. Battling rains, storms and what not, he rides all night to Hyderabad on a Scooty to meet her.

Now that I think about it, he did have a bullet bike as well. I wonder why this director made this freshly baked lover suffer on a damn scooty in such bad weather and limited clothing. Par Taras aana chahiye na Hero Par. OK I GET IT.

Apna Hero reaches Hyderabad and meets Lilly at her training ground. He understands her predicament. She wants to focus on her cricketing dream, Love is a distraction at the moment. Apna hero may have anger issues but he is totally feminist. This is naye zamane ka lover sheepishly declares that he doesn’t want to come between her dream(cricket), he just wants to be her comrade, a buddy in her journey. Bas phir kya tha…Lilly promptly reciprocates his feelings.

The song begins here… takes you along the journey of the fulfilment of the first love, its Khushboo say mehekte hue chote chote lamhe. That hug on the stairs, the fleeting kiss, a distracting phone call, longing to meet often, surprise visits, and wearing each other’s clothes… Kadallele will make you fall in love again.

The song ends with the two lovers arched over their window, drenched in the torrential downpour of the monsoons. A lingering want; the desire of being one…but settling for a tender kiss.

Shayad Yahi Pyaar Hai!

P.S I must mention that this album has many incredible songs. The Zen like Yetu Poone, the leisurely strolling  Nee Neeli Kannullona, the foot tapping  Mama Chudaroo, or the calming O Kalala Kathala. Gira Gira Gira reminded me of Sasural genda phool. Every song deserves a write-up but Filhaal itnaa hee.

By-Sunayana Kachroo