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  • Main woh ghar hoon tera….

    March 5, 2021 by

    Sometimes Ghar, Home is a person and not a place. Someone who makes you feel secured enough to be carefree, so that you be YOU, in a judgement free zone.  Sometimes a person is your home. What makes a place of dwelling a Home, varies for every person. You can decorate and spruce up your… Read more

  • Kal Ki Hi Baat Hai- Sandeep

    August 23, 2020 by

    We all know people who are often standing on the side in group pictures, sometimes not even in them, often the ones taking those pictures, who are not quintessentially Party Ki Jaan, who quietly slip-in the high decibel get-togethers, hoping no one would notice them. They are simply happy to be in the shadows of… Read more

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